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Resuscitation, Respiratory from LR Instruments. LR Instruments are an Australian supplier of medical products and surgical instruments. LR Instruments source the highest quality medical products and surgical instruments from respected suppliers.
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Economical, durable silicone manual resuscitator designed to meet the need for high performance and low cost. Constructed from poly carbonate and silicone material that is autoclavable up to 134ºC



Disposable Resuscitators are made with a lightly-textured PVC bag for sure grip and comfort and a transparent re-breathing valve assembly allows for clear viewing of value function. Available in adult, pediatric, and infant sizes.



The Liberty CPR Mask is ready to use right out of its rugged storage case. The latex-free mask comes complete with filtered inlet valve, O2 inlet port and head strap. The Liberty CPR Mask is a single-use mask used for mouth to mask ventilation.


LR Instruments also stock many other products associated with respiratory care and resuscitation: Silicone Resuscitators, Peep Valves, Guedel Airways and Silicone Masks. For more information, please select one of the information catalogues below.



Our Guedel Airways are designed for free air flow. By protecting from airway occlusion from the relaxation of the tongue in an unconscious patient. Our Guedel Airway devices have a central lumen which allows for various suction catheters to be inserted.


The top section has a colour coded section for rapid identifying of size as well as a thickened area for protection from biting. This bite block is ideal for patients with seizures and unprotected airways. Also it has benefits for the intubated patient disallowing them from crushing the endotracheal tube.


There are various sizes available from neonate to large adult. It is important to choose the right size; the size of the Guedel airway is the length between the corner of the mouth and the ear lobe. It is inserted into the patient’s mouth upward while holding the tongue, and rotated when introduced to point downward.



  • Galemed
  • Liberty




Aerosol therapy is a type of medical treatment that is employed to address different forms of breathing conditions. It might be used to treat chronic asthma, acute asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) or other illnesses that impact airway functioning.



  • Galemed
  • Liberty



Three colour-coded balls in each chamber provide a visual incentive for patients.

  • Air will enter each chamber and raise the balls depending on the flow of air inhaled per second
  • The whole set includes EVA tubing, Mouth Piece, Tri-Ball Incentive Spirometer
  • Single-patient use to minimize the risk of cross contamination

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