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LR Instruments are an Australian supplier of medical products and surgical instruments. LR Instruments source the highest quality medical products and surgical instruments from respected suppliers.
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At LR Instruments there is an extensive range of wholesale products and the highest quality medical and surgical instruments that has been sourced from respected suppliers, and we pride ourselves on our strong affiliations with our trading partners. Our distributors are also committed and dedicated to their customers. They are part of your local community enabling them to provide you with:

  • Superior customer service
  • Efficient product delivery
  • Extensive coverage
  • Valuable business advice
  • Large product range
  • Supplying medical and surgical products and instruments


LR Instruments products are available throughout Australia from various distributors, please contact us directly to find the closest distributor in your area.




Our product range includes: doctors cases, diagnostic equipment, tourniquets, nebuliser pumps, resuscitators, oxygen and aerosol therapy, sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, stainless steel ware.


LR Instruments have sourced an extensive range of products with well known brands such as Liberty, Galemed, Erka, Clinipak, Famos, Bollmann, Mac and Elma. Sphygmomanometers, or blood pressure machines as they are also commonly known, from the top manufacturers including MAC and Erka.


Liberty Health stethoscopes represent quality and performance for the discerning health care professional and student alike. We have a large range of stethoscopes covering all disciplines and usages demanded by the busy health and allied sectors.




Well known for our expertise in CSSD with sterilisation quality assurance products, instrument management products, transportation and storage products, and sterilisation process consumable products. Bringing you a range of excellent products from around the world delivering the service and support you deserve. Products from Famos Medizintechnik and Clinipak/Interlock offer a comprehensive range of CSSD equipment and consumables that can cover all your CSSD needs from cleaning and product protection through to packaging, sealing, transportation and tracking.



Stainless steel ware offering a wide selection including sponge bowls, solution basins, medicine cups, iodine cups, forceps jars, instrument trays and dressing jars with covers. The LR Instruments range of stainless steel is manufactured using 18-8 stainless steel.




LR Instruments offers a full line of surgical instruments, surgical instrument care products, surgical instrument repair service, surgical instrument cleaning brushes and surgical instrument accessories.


We source the highest quality medical and surgical instruments from respected suppliers, such as: Liberty, LRI, Lawton, Stephens and Nopa, specialising in the supply of theatre quality, general, surgical and medical instruments. The LR Instruments range is continually expanding with the best quality instruments available.


Specialising in the supply of theatre quality, general, surgical and medical instruments. Including: delicate, scissors, bandage scissors, artery forceps, surgical scissors, needle holders, tissue forceps, dressing forceps and universal scissors.



We can make nurses kits to suit your requirements with any of the following mix of products: stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, thermometers, diagnostic torches, tourniquets, nurses pouches, watches, forceps, scissors, resus masks, 4-colour pens, reflex hammers, tape measure, universal scissors, paramedic pouches and tuning forks.


All equipment included in our kits are designed to meet university requirements for nursing students Australia wide.


Nursing students and the general public can purchase kits direct from our Unikits online shop here. Institutions and wholesale customers, please use the ‘Product Enquiry’ form on this product page to request more information.


Our website includes a snapshot of the products available from innovative and leading technology suppliers.


For a more comprehensive range and selection of products, please visit the Axis Health website.