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Products for the Laboratory

If you work in a hospital, reference or physician office lab, our line of clinical laboratory products is sure to meet your unique needs. These process-specific items are designed to solve challenges specific to the clinical laboratory environment.

Our popular lines of laboratory products are our microscope slides which are made of corrosion resistant glass with smoothly polished edges. Pre-cleaned and suitable for all medical applications and at economical prices.

alsLightweight Manual WheelchairMicroscope Slides

The German manufactured Menzel-Gläser represents the best quality and experience in the world glass market today. Menzel microscope slides are available in standard sizes and are manufactured from extra white glass.

Liberty’s microscope slides are pre-cleaned and suitable for any medical or research laboratory tests. The Liberty microscope slides have single frosted ends on which slides have a double frosted area approximately 20mm long.


Microscope Cover Slips

Menzel cover slips are made of transparent hydrolytic class 1 glass, the highest quality using glass free of blisters and flaws. Suitable to use right from the pack.

Liberty cover slips represent the highest quality level from China with sterile packaging guaranteeing they are vacuum packed in a dry condition.


Pediatric Urine CollectorsPediatric Urine Collectors

In order to obtain suitable specimens from infants and small children, pediatric urine collectors which are attached to the genitalia, are available from Liberty.

  • Foam ring at opening for patient comfort
  • 100cc graduated
  • Adhesive surface for security and sealing the container
  • Suitable for male and female patients
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Designed with patient comfort in mind, this tourniquet offers a velvety-soft touch. It’s easy-to-use and features the popular one-hand operation, which prevents pinching, catching and jamming. Plus, you will love the quick release buckle that allows for instant removal.

  • New improved clasp with no pinching, catching or jamming
  • No unintentional opening
  • One-hand operation with automatic release
  • East access to function keys
  • Latex Free
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Cytology: EndoScan PlusCytology: EndoScan Plus

  • Cytology brush exclusively for clinical investigation and endocervical sampling
  • Detachable head, swappable
  • Each box contains 100 pieces (packed into 10 packets of 10 each)


Cytology: Rovers Cervex-Brush Combi

Cytology: Rovers Cervex-Brush CombiNew high-tech device that is a combination of the Rovers Cervex-Brush and newly developed endocervical brush technology.

  • Easy to use, intuitively
  • Only two rotations is enough
  • 2-3 times more endocervical cells
  • High viral load
  • Less need for additional devices
  • Very good conventional smears
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Page Updated: `26 APRIL 2012